Who Is Entry-Level CRM Software For?

Like free CRM software reviews, entry-level products are designed for start-ups and small businesses that don’t have large teams using their CRM and aren’t likely to run into the contact and account limits imposed on the cheaper packages (at least not to begin with).

That being said, if users are going to pay for a product, they’ll want to get the most out of it. Unless you plan to make use of the extra features these CRMs offer, then you might be better off with a free tool, or at least seeing if the product has a free trial.

But if you’re committed to using a professional selling platform with powerful tools to expand your selling capabilities and manage your customer relations, with somewhere between 3-10 users on your team, then entry-level CRM software is the perfect step to boost your sales team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

For a small monthly outlay, you gain a host of powerful features not available on free products, plus extended functionality and support. Often you’re gaining the majority of the more expensive tools’ feature sets for a fraction of the cost, making these products excellent value for money.

And when you find yourself brushing up against the limits of your entry-level plan, upgrading is a simple process, and by then you’ll have the revenue and team size to justify the extra storage and tools.

When choosing the right Accounting Software for your business I highly recommend you check out the established software marketplaces and read their CRM software reviews

If you're still not sure if CRM software is right for you then learn more about it on wikipedia

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