12 Great CRM Integrations


CRM software is a vital part of any sales department—whether you’re a start-up with a spreadsheet or an enterprise company with multiple sales teams, having some form of CRM software is a major boon when it comes to keeping track of all your leads and customers.

But modern businesses don’t just use CRM software; they use a whole stack of programs designed to perform various important tasks throughout the company.

But what if some of those programs could communicate? What if you could import from one program data with the click of a button? What if you could put to use all the data you’ve got siloed away in your CRM, for say, a marketing campaign? What if you could let your leads qualify themselves?

CRM integration lets you do all this and much more.

What Does CRM Integration Mean?

Integrating software with your CRM means you’re allowing each program to pull data from the other.

Generally, the software you choose to integrate will already be what you’re using, like email and calendars, or will be programs that perform a specific role that extends the functionality of your CRM, such as proposal writing software.

By combining programs you can expect to dramatically speed up your workflow and reduce human error while internalizing all your integrated tools within your CRM for easy access.

CRM software is usually built with some integrations already baked in, but many offer entire ecosystems of third-party integrations designed with those CRMs in mind.

There are even tools for connecting programs that aren’t designed to work together, removing  the limits preventing you from linking tools together. - 

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